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Custom Printing/Packaging

package printingWe specialize in printing packaging made up of cardstock and corrugated box. Your product deserves to be “dressed” well so that it makes a great first impression on the store shelf. That may go without saying but there is a lot that goes into choosing, designing and printing the right package that will keep your product safe and give off a great brand image at the same time.

The following are some tips to ensure your packaging accomplishes your goals. We want to help you get it done right the first time.

  1. Choose your designer and printer at the same time: If you haven’t already done so, choosing your designer and printer simultaneously is important because it will save you time, money and frustration. Each printer may have slightly different requirements so having the two of them communicate in the beginning will make the printing process go smoothly.

  2. Choose a graphic designer that has experience with package design: Just because they are a graphic designer does not make them automatically qualified to design your package. Don’t choose the designer because you’ll get the “friends and family” discount. Designing packaging is a specialized process as they need to design a 3 dimensional product in a 2 dimensional format. If you do not have a designer already, we have a team that has experience with designing packaging that you’ve most likely seen on your store shelves. If you already have a graphic designer, we will work with them to ensure you get a great finished product.

  3. Make sure the packaging is practical: Another reason that it is important for the designer and printer to work together in the beginning is that designers are creative but sometimes can come up with designs that are not practical. The most important factor for your packaging is that it keeps your product safe during storage, transit and as it sits on the shelf.

  4. Have a package that sells on all four sides (or however many sides your package may have): A great design will show off your brand no matter which side of the box you’re looking at. This is the next most important part of your package design. Your packaging is one of the last pieces of promotion for your brand as a potential customer is going to be in the store looking at the shelf and trying to decide whether to buy your brand or your competitors. Make sure you go the a retailer and see how your competitors stack up and determine what would help your product stand out.

  5. Know the regulations: Depending on where your product is going to be retailed, the store may have certain regulations around how the package can be designed, materials that need to be used and how it has to be constructed.

  6. Proof!: Make sure you see the proof before it goes to print. Ensure everything is perfect as there are bound to be variances in color, construction and assembly.

  7. Price: Another reason to have your printer and designer work together from the beginning is that the printer may be able to come up with suggestions on your design that could make the printing more cost effective.

  8. Don’t be in a rush: Printing your packaging is a complex process that should not be rushed. Give yourself extra time in which to meet your print deadline. While we take great care to make sure the printing process goes smoothly, unforeseen things can happen. They call it unforeseen because you can’t see it til it happens.


We hope these tips will help you through the printing process. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

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