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Booklets/ Books

Book Printing

Book printing perfect bind

We can do book printing runs of 100 all the way into the tens of thousands with the quality you deserve regardless of the quantity. Whether you are a first timer or a best selling author, we can print books with a variety of paper weight and finishes that will best represent the vision of your work.

What sets us apart from the standard online printers is our options. While the typical online printer can have a few choices of paper weight, finishes and binding, we can access as many options as there are…options. Just tell us what you are looking for and if it’s out there, we will get it for you.


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Booklet printing

is a common form of printing that is used primarily as a promotional tool. Small booklets that are anywhere from 5-20 pages can be a great way to expose new potential customers to products and services your business provides. Also, booklets can be used for non-business methods with the intent of spreading the word about something that is going on in your life you would like to share with others. Booklet printing is a little different from flyer printing, in that it allows you to expand on basic information and provide more information about the history of your business or company and about your services as well.

Booklet printing

Benefits of Booklet Printing

  • Short Run Printing: Booklet printing fortunately can be done with short run printing, which means that under 500 copies or less can be the minimum for a job. Because of the machinery used for printing booklets, this allows a quicker job with a smaller cost passed down to the consumer.
  • Short Turn Around Time: If you need your booklets fast, the good news is that the turn around time for them is fairly quick. Many time, you can have your finished product delivered to your door in less than one week. If you have a conference or trade show and need to get your booklets done fast, you should have no issues.
  • Small Delivery Expenses: Many printing providers offers free local shipping and delivery, however, if you do have to pay for shipping with booklet printing the bill will not be that much as the booklets are easily compressed when they are packaged for shipping.

Small Booklet Printing

The majority of printing jobs for this type of printing are for small booklet printing. Small booklets run usually 10 pages or under and are preferred to large booklet printing because the cost will be lower and usually you can pack in all of the information you need within the 10 pages.

Booklets usually have a soft paper cover and are much smaller than traditional books in both physical size and page length. If you are interested in getting a quote for your next booklet printing job please call High Point Marketing today for an estimate on the services cost. For more information please email printing@highpointmarketing.com or call 626-660-4481 to get multiple quotes for your next booklet printing job

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