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Marketing Minute

Welcome to the Marketing Minute!

This page is dedicated to providing a series of one minute videos that will quickly highlight an aspect of marketing that you can implement in your organization.

These videos will be a mix of our High Point Team providing some quick education and video interviews of clients and other business people that we connect with.

We hope these help. Please leave any comments or questions and we will be happy to answer them. We hope you find this page useful.

How To Pitch Your Product To A Retail Buyer

Guest editor Vanessa Ting of Retail Path shares how to best position your product with major retailers to increase your odds to getting onto their store shelf. The sales pitch is an important element in the marketing process.

Important Keys In Package Design

Guest editor Vanessa Ting, Founder of Retail Path, brings her experience as a Target buyer to provide some insights into how to get your product onto the shelf of a major retailer. This video discusses the importance of the package design for both marketing and logistics issues that can save you time and money.

Choosing Business Location

Picking the right location for your business should take some thought. Depending on the type of business you have and how customers find and do business with you, will determine the type of location you need. View this quick video to learn more.


Distribution Strategy

You can increase revenue for your business by developing an easy way for your customers to purchase your products and service. Even non-profit organizations could take a lesson from this part of marketing.


Business Facebook Page


Customer Retention


The Business Card


Strategic Alliances


30 Second Elevator Speech


Market Research


Scooter Is Set To Get A Bath


Scooter Is Not Too Sold On The Bath Idea